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Our firm has been dedicated exclusively to the design and construction of Veterinary facilities over 22 years.  All of our professional energies have been focused on making Veterinary facilities more efficient, productive and valuable to our Owner’s portfolio.

You will need to be involved in your project-with Southeast Design and that time commitment is scheduled, reduced and more focused, allowing you more time to spend as a Veterinarian.


  • Southeast Design understands client and staff traffic flow, procedures, materials, hospital functions and odor/acoustic concerns.  Having been in hundreds of hospitals we know what solutions will work and perhaps more importantly which ones will not.

  • Southeast Design understands the Veterinary business.  We can provide guidance for things such as the correct number of exam rooms, reception areas, treatment areas and recommended animal holding accommodations.  We can advise you when we feel you are headed in the wrong direction.

  • Southeast Design knows the difference between over and under design. Design too small and you will not reach projected service levels.  Design too large and you pay for something you can’t or don’t use.

  • Southeast Design has historical knowledge on finishes and correct detailing of those finishes for the longest life and lowest maintenance, maximizing your ROI, which is significant.

  • By virtue of hundreds of completed Veterinary facilities, Southeast Design knows where to spend money and where not to spend your money.  You will get more for your money with Southeast Design.

  • Southeast Design knows when to listen and when to speak up.  We understand you know your business and client’s best, but we can often offer contrasting solutions for your consideration.

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